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Business Platform

Service Technology

Offers Wide Range of Flexible Production Support

Providing the optimal foundry process technology
Opportunity to choose a variety of foundry sources
Ensuring the best production performance

We realize the best competitive products through high performance, low cost and best quality by supporting the optimal Foundry Process Technology for various requirements in customer project development.

Special Application Oriented HV / PMIC / CIS Technology

We support Display, Power, CIS and HV product development through SK Hynix System IC's proven device and process development.

Various Logic / Mixed-Signal / Power / HV technology

We support product development through Key Foundry's customer product development and production experience based on various process technologies.

Specific Analog / Mixed-Signal Application Technology

XFAB's specialized process makes each unit process as module so that customer can properly combine and use CMOS and SOI processes.

Highend Logic / Mixed-Mode / RF technology

UMC's ultra-fine process technology, manufacturing technology and quality support development of product in the application field required by customers.

SMIC supports cost-effective development by enabling a powerful One-Stop Turnkey solution including MASK Operating.

200mm Foundry Process Selection

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300mm Foundry Process Selection

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서비스 기술 제품 이미지

Surveillance Camera ISP/SoC

서비스 기술 제품 이미지

TCP/IP Internet Controller

서비스 기술 제품 이미지

Satellite Communication Modem Chip

서비스 기술 제품 이미지

Surveillance Camera CIS Sensor

서비스 기술 제품 이미지

Storage Controller

서비스 기술 제품 이미지

MFP Controller SoC

서비스 기술 제품 이미지

Audio Processor

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