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[Press article] Semisolution unveils on-demand system semiconductor technology and solution at ‘SEDEX 2023’ 2023-10-31

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Semisolution unveils on-demand system semiconductor technology and solution at ‘SEDEX 2023’
Publication date: 2023-10-30

Semisolution Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong-won Lee), a company specializing in on-demand system semiconductors and embedded IoT system development services, held the 25th held at COEX in Seoul from the 25th to the 27th with Taiwan's 'Faraday', a top global company that is a strategic partner for on-demand semiconductors. It was announced on the 30th that it participated in the 'Semiconductor Expo' (SEDEX 2023).

'SEDEX Semiconductor Exhibition', hosted by the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, is the largest event in Korea in which all fields of the semiconductor industry ecosystem, including memory semiconductors, system semiconductors, equipment/parts, materials, facilities, and sensors participate, and more than 60,000 related workers visit. It is considered an exhibition specializing in semiconductors.

Semisolution is Korea's top application-specific semiconductor (ASIC) development service company with 20 years of experience. We have received requests for application-specific semiconductor development from customers in various application fields at home and abroad, and have a wealth of experience in successfully developing and supplying more than 150 types of mass-produced products to the market. holds.

Semisolution, which carefully selected and unveiled state-of-the-art system semiconductor platforms and the latest design assets (IP) through this exhibition, said, “We are improving our customers’ time-to-market by dramatically shortening the development period for customer-ordered products and early securing product competitiveness such as quality and unit price. “We are maximizing the possibility of early business success by realizing (Time to Market),” he said, adding that the unveiling on this day received a great response from observers.

Meanwhile, Semisolution announced the global ASIC industry trend and application market status at the '2023 ASIC Technology Conference' hosted by itself during the 2023 SEDEX period and also introduced cutting-edge ASIC technology and the latest ASIC solution.

In particular, it is said to have drawn great interest from participants by intensively introducing market trends related to AI semiconductors and automotive semiconductors and the latest on-demand system semiconductor technology.

Jeong-won Lee, CEO of Semisolution, said, “Demand for a variety of system semiconductors is increasing due to the continuous emergence of new application markets. Accordingly, the market for special-purpose custom semiconductors is rapidly expanding, so we can provide the completed system semiconductors required by the market in the shortest possible time. “Securing is the key to business success,” he said.

To ensure smooth development and early market supply of these various custom system semiconductors, we are further expanding our custom semiconductor business competitiveness through strategic technological partnerships with global top similar companies, while also improving our own technology to the global level through continuous investment in research and development. He expressed his ambition to lead the organization in a timely manner.

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