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CEO Greeting

SEMISOLUTION, a specialized provider of ICT convergence hardware platform services, leads the market of custom system ICs and embedded IoT systems.

Hello, I'm Lee Jeong-won, CEO of SEMISOLUTION.
I heartily thank you for visiting the website of SEMISOLUTION, a future-convergence creator, and am sure that you will find yourselves amazed to know our completely novel platform solutions that you have never experienced or even imagined before.

SEMISOLUTION is a convergence creator that provides system ICs and embedded IoT system platform solutions so that anyone can develop successful products asked in the market with the minimum investment in resources and easy access to them. The global system IC component market has gradually expanded and advanced as various system device application markets emerged. In particular, the arrival of diverse Smart IoT system markets through the 4th Industrial Revolution ignited the explosive demand for custom system IC components in the form of system and device requiring special functions, ASIC, and ASSP. In response, the developed countries are in stiff competition to scale up their dominance in the system IC and Smart system market. However, they realize that further market expansion and growth will face limitations under the existing system ICs and development environments. Therefore, they seek to make an innovative paradigm shift by changing the development environments for groundbreaking products and establishing a new business model.

SEMISOLUTION has long developed and mass-produced custom system ICs and responded to market demand excellently. It has rich and successful experiences in developing custom system ICs in the sectors of display, mobile, network, multimedia, and security footage. As a result of making the most out of those experiences, SEMISOLUTION has already furnished itself with various development platforms for custom system ICs and the solid patent lineup of core-analog IP technology such as ADC, DAC, and PLL. Moreover, our active use of the early secured system IC platforms, which resulted from the technical alliances with many world-class companies, has also contributed to a high success rate of mass production while shortening the development period. This early securement of mass production led to realizing the desired time-to-market and played a considerable role in meeting customer needs. Our experiences and technical background will go hand in hand with us in expanding the custom system IC market into the sectors of the 4th Industrial Revolution such as AI, IoT, Big Data, and automotive semiconductors. As we have recently succeeded in developing custom core system ICs for 5G network, next-generation display, etc., our products are receiving a great response from the market for their advantage in size, weight, and power consumption over the existing products.

With the sufficiency of system IC component technology secured in this way, SEMISOLUTION has easily established various embedded IoT system platforms, which elevates the completeness of the ICT convergence business. In particular, we have made an intense investment in the areas of Smart IoT security footage devices and Smart healthcare. Furthermore, our world’s first success in commercializing an action camera exclusive for a motorcycle helmet demonstrated our remarkable performance in the heterogeneous convergence business, brightening the future growth potential in such a field. As for Smart healthcare, we have made business arrangements with leading medical institutions in Korea to build the lineup of various Smart healthcare IoT devices suitable for future untact/telemedicine systems.

Supported with the long-accumulated know-how and technical capability, SEMISOLUTION has explored and led various market needs from the design assets of core system ICs to custom system ICs to embedded IoT systems. We think of continuous customer satisfaction as the best value the company pursues and will grow to the world-class provider of IT hardware-based convergence platform services through endless challenges and innovation. We all know it is “you” that will play a core role in the system ICs and embedded IoT system platform solutions. Thank you.

CEOLee Jeong-won



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